Medical & Nursing


Nursing is of course the largest department as it provides care to 120 residents, and some residents require extensive care. Our nursing team is lead by the Director of Nurses who is experienced, compassionate and committed to maintaining the highest possible level of care.  The nursing team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is always available. Daily, on-site nurse practitioners visit residents who may experiencing health related problems or are simply not feeling well. Having nurse practitioners in the community helps minimize the need to be hospitalized as they can identify problems in the earlier stages and implement treatment immediately. Registered nurses are on duty around the clock assuring that each resident’s medical needs are well managed. Medication regimes are closely monitored maximizing health benefits and minimizing the need for hospitalization.

Respiratory Care

Respiratory care is offered and is monitored by our nurses and the attending physician.  We care for many patients with respiratory challenges and have a solid team in place to manage special respiratory needs.


We partner with Omnicare Pharmacy, a specialty nursing home pharmacy that makes daily deliveries to our building. Omnicare has pharmacists that are geriatric specialists who conduct medication reviews of each patient monthly. Because so many medication are readily available today, our pharmacists assure that each patients medication regime is just right. They look for issues such as drug interactions or sensitivities and may make recommendations based upon their findings.

Hospice Care

Hospice care is offered when medically indicated and only with permission from the patient and their family. Our Hospice services are contracted with outside agencies who proved expert care at managing a patient in their final days. There are some financial considerations to be made when considering Hospice and our team will guide you gently through the process.

Intravenous Therapy (IV therapy)

In the event that a resident may require IV therapy we are well equipped to care for him/her. We are IV certified by the State of Connecticut and take great pride in providing high level medical services in the comfort of the resident’s room right here at SJLC. We make every attempt at keeping your loved one out of the hospital as we know the increased stress of hospitalization can be problematic for residents and families alike.

Our residents and their families have a high level of confidence in the staff and the care at SJLC.

Infection Preventionist

Infections are a growing concern worldwide and SJLC is no exception. We take infections seriously as we know first hand the suffering that can occur when someone has an infection. Our staff Infection preventionist works very closely with the Medical Director in managing different infections our residents may experience. We believe that prevention is the best practice and we take active measures in increasing protection.

Infection Prevention Measures include:

  • Annual flu shots for all residents and staff
  • Pneumonia vaccines
  • Isolation if necessary
  • Close monitoring and tracking of all infections
  • Physician over-sight of infectious disease
  • Appropriate administration of antibiotics consistent with current trends on antibiotic use
  • Detailed documentation of each infection with trend analysis
  • Consultant microbiologist and epidemiologist to assist with more complicated cases

Wound Care Management

St. Joseph Living Center offers complex wound care management coordinated by a certified wound care nurse and team of practitioners. The center offers specialty equipment to facilitate wound healing including wound VAC therapy.

Wounds managed

  • Surgical wounds
  • Moisture associated wounds
  • Trauma related
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Vascular wounds
  • Pressure ulcers (decubitus, bed sores)
  • Chronic non-healing wounds


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